Caso 1

Antes del tratamiento             4 de Julio, 2007                        4 Agosto, 2007

30 Agosto, 2007       Tratamiento con Magnified Healing,      23 de Noviembre, 2007
                                             3ra Fase. Sanación de Luz.

Pulheim (near Cologne), Germany with permission of client. Lichtarbeit - Zentrum, Kai- L. Klinghoff

Dear Gisele,
With this I send you the photos of a 3rd Phase Treatment I did this summer. The woman has had 2 tumors of fat on the upper and lower spinal column.
The tumors pressed very hard on the nerves so that she lost the feeling in her legs. Her doctor wanted to operate as soon as possible but she was afraid because the tumors have been directly on the nerves. That´s why she came to me.
For this result I made only 1 Treatment! Both tumors disappeared. It´s really fantastic and we thank God, Lady Kwan Yin and the Ancient Masters for it!
You can use the photos for your work if you want. I have the permission of my client that we can use it to show the magic results of a 3rd Phase Treatment.
Lots of love,